Big Words - (Nashville)

Posted on: 11/04/13


BIG WORDS Presented by Extol Festival in partnership with AFFRM benefitting the Howard University Alumni Club of Nashville Fifteen years after their break up, the hip hop trio once known as The DLP find themselves at a crossroads. John, once known as “Big Words” for his poetic, lyrical style, is now an out of work IT guy who raps only to himself. His cousin James, once known as Jayvee da Mack, is now a book publicist who lives with his boyfriend in Brooklyn – far removed from the days when he was still in the closet and rapping about getting girls. Only DJ Malik is still grinding, but he spends more time spinning records than he does producing new beats. They come together one last time at a party on the night of Obama’s election, not to make music, but to reckon with the past and dreams deferred. To purchase tickets at $8 each, please click here:

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